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The Goddess that you Seek

I’ve seen you before. I know who you are…and I know you know who I am.

I am the Mistress that you have shared all your darkest secrets with. The one that you have exposed your true self to. You and I have had a special kind of connection—a special trust and an unbreakable bond.

As we sit here among the crowds, you with your wife…me with my mate—you look at me trying to pinpoint exactly who I am, and where you know me from.

It is certainly a different scene—You dressed in a ball cap, tshirt and genes. Myself with my black hair pulled back, glasses on and dressed down. But there is something about my eyes that has you uncomfortable. When I glance over at you, and give you that half wicked grin—you start to get an all too familiar itch.

We realize that somehow, somewhat fate has forced our circles to intertwine – even distances apart. I know EXACTLY who you are.

We’ve shared many a nights together–Chatting during the day, sharing some of our most intimate mutual masturbation sessions—you pleasing your mistress, and you enjoying every inch of my womanly curves–From my luscious breasts, to my smooth long legs, my full head of hair and my tempting hazel eyes. The moans you heard as your burrowed your face in between my legs –the moans you made as your actions were reciprocated – Your mistress was returning the favor.

The interesting part being…that you still haven’t pieced it together. Because when you and I are not intertwined in our world of fantasy and wonder—a world of pure perfection—you have to hide under a façade , under an alias—if you will.

I know you, and accept everything about you. You enjoy the company of a dominate woman, one that encourages you to be yourself—when you know being yourself around others would leave your world in shambles.

I allow you to let loose your inhibitions and I encourage you to seek out the finer, things in life. For you, it could be as simple as buying a new pair of panties or purchasing a lingerie outfit for you and your mistress to both enjoy.

I know the truth, You are a man than enjoys feminine attire.

A man that LOVES to wear panties…One that enjoys slips, and hosiery, and shares in my love of all things sexy. You dont associate as a sissy, only as a man who happens to wear panties~and in a world where you are shamed for that, you’ve found a Goddess that accepts that. A Mistress then enjoys your company, as much as you enjoy hers.

Tensions run deep as you sit across from me~ and I walk by and whisper “you know who I am” – I smile my wicked smile and walk away…Your eyes widen and  its then that you realize that yes…in the face of impossibilities you have come face to face with your mistress.  The Goddess of your dreams, the temptress of your desires, the girlfriend experience that you truly seek — is closer than you realize.

Was it all a fantasy? Was it all a Dream? Or could this be reality?

Tease and Denial, Forced Intox, and Financial Domination for Election Tuesday

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Well TUESDAY is the day that the country becomes fucked one way or another—I hate politics. HOWEVER, I love America, I voted…and don’t care one way or another HOW you vote…but care THAT you vote. It is a privilege and should be viewed as an obligation. Women fought very hard to earn the right to vote…if you are a woman that does not, shame on you.

Now that im off my icky political soap box…lets turn this into a tease and denial game huh? ACTUALLY, this blog is going to have two segmants…tease and denial—and forced intox.

Tease and denial election game

This should be fun…and you KNOW I *AM* the tease and denial queen. This is what I want you to do.

For each state that becomes the ‘color’ you voted for you get 10 strokes. For each state that becomes the ‘color’ you DIDN’T vote for you get 5 strokes.

There is absolutely NO cumming –I will ALLOW you to breath in between your stroking…you can stroke your cock similar to the self tease and denial instruction I gave at the erotic assignment club blog for breathing. BUT…no cumming. (always better to stop than it is to release)

AFTER the election, send me how many times you were stroking your dick. Were you left sexually frustrated or just frustrated? Are you hoping for release? Well for that you know you will have to call and plead your case…you can do so the next day or the day of.


Forced Intox Game

This one is one that I played LAST election and could be fun for my forced intox boys and girls. Take your drink or ‘THING’ of choice. And this is how you do it:

The state that becomes the color that represents whom you voted for –One drink or pop

The state that becomes the color you DID NOT vote for – 2 drinks or pops

It looks like youll be intoxicated and fucked up either way…and that is precisely the point my dears!


Financial Domination Game

And for a freebie that Im adding in, is for my pay piggies

The state that becomes the color that represents whom you voted for – Tribute $1  

The state that becomes the color you DID NOT vote for – Tribute $5

I’ll be logged in taking your calls during election Tuesday. But, good luck to everyone! ~hey gotta have SOME sort of erotic fun with the dullness that is politics.

Erotic Photo for Participants in Election Day Shenanigans 

EVERYONE that participates will receive a free erotic photo of your phone mistress. You have to either call and/or comment/email me and respond to the questions asked for the photo.